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About e-fense

e-fense® is a leading e-discovery, computer forensic analysis and incident response firm which was founded by litigators and computer forensic investigators. Our e-discovery & computer forensic investigations utilize state-of-the-art techniques that are second to none.

e-fense® has more than 40 years of combined experience in computer forensics, electronic discovery and computer crime investigations. We are focused only on our customers and being the best, not just the biggest, and have a proven track record of excellence. Computer forensics and electronic discovery can provide the evidence needed for today's cases and investigations. Attorneys, corporations, investigators and the government can no longer limit their search for information to paper documents. Electronic information dominates today's businesses and business communications. To maintain an advantage, you need to utilize computer forensics and computer experts to harvest this evidence.

e-fense® can offer our highly skilled and experienced forensics & security experts to help you with electronic discovery, computer forensics, expert testimony, security assessments and compliance issues like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley.

Company Profile

e-fense® is a very unique team consisting of certified computer forensics professionals, network security experts, former federal agents, criminal lawyers, and software engineers.

No other organization combines the same level of technical and investigative capabilities into a dynamic solution. Members of our team have been responsible for protecting this nation's most sensitive systems, and have served as case agents in some of the largest computer intrusion and forensic investigations to date.

As former federal agents and sworn court officers, you can trust the integrity, management skills, and capabilities of the e-fense® team.

Mission Statement

To provide world-class computer forensics support, continuous security improvements to our clients infrastructure, and provide superior computer security training.


Our goal is to help commercial and government organizations conduct business safely and efficiently in a networked world. Our methodology focuses on "trust" rather than just security.

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