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Software Release Progress Report

Digital Forensic Community:

Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 six weeks ago introduced several significant changes to the operating system's platform. In order to keep e-fense’s products compatible with these changes, it has required additional coding prior to the release of the beta versions of our software updates. Live Response and Aperio have been completed and tested successfully on Windows 8, and our developers are expecting the completion of Helix3 Professional soon after the New Year.

We have further postponed the release of the completed Live Response and Aperio betas in order to coordinate with the release of the Helix3 Professional beta and the launch of a newly designed website and license management database.

Helix3 Professional Subscription

• For those of you who purchased a new Helix3 Professional Subscription or renewed a Subscription and there were no updates to the software during the period of your subscription, we will be offering a one-time download of the updated version free of charge. This offer will require verification of the previously valid subscription (date of purchase, end user email address and/or user ID).

• For those of you who recently renewed or reinstated your Helix3 Professional Annual Subscription prior to December 7, 2012, in order to take advantage of a special renewal discount, your subscriptions will be extended to a year from the release of the beta. For any old subscribers with expired subscriptions, we will be offering a fifteen (15) percent renewal or reinstatement discount between now and January 7, 2013.

A ten (10) percent discount will be available for any new purchase of Helix3 Professional, Live Response, and Aperio software, all of which include one year of software updates and support! This offer will also expire January 7, 2013 – Please contact us for a quote or to purchase directly.

We thank you for your patience and interest in e-fense. Please call or email us with any questions you may have regarding this information or your subscription/software.


e-fense, Inc.
Washington, D.C. USA
(800) 793-8205