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Default Helix3 Pro 2009R3 is HERE!

The 2009R3 release brings many stability and usability enhancements, including improved Receiver network code -- including the ability to encrypt network transfers. In response to user requests, transfers across the network are compressed to further reduce transfer time. More devices are supported for imaging with better underlying tools for device management.

The bootable environment has been improved as well. All libraries and packages have been updated with all current security and performance enhancements. Tools such as ClamAV have been updated to their most recent versions. The limit to the number of attached devices available for imaging is now infinite, allowing for more flexibility in machine configurations. All file systems, including Ext3 and Ext4, are unaltered upon boot.

These improvements, plus countless "under the hood" enhancements, position Helix3 Pro as the most current, effective, and complete tool available in the forensic software market today.

Download your copy today from the download section.
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