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Don't let your company data walk out the door!

e-fense has options to meet your computer forensics and cyber security needs.

  • If you need visibility of your entire network to protect against malicious behavior, policy violations and hacking you need Helix3 Enterprise

  • If you need to acquire Internet History, Passwords and RAM data you need Live Response

  • If you are looking for the free, original Helix (2009R1) you need Helix3

  • If you need forensic disk imaging across multiple platforms or safe forensics platform for system previews you need Helix3 Pro

helix enterpriseh3 enterprise

Proactively protect your business with Helix3 Enterprise. H3E is your cyber security solution providing incident response, computer forensics and e-discovery in one simple to use interface. The renowned Helix3 is the foundation of this extraordinary network security software solution. Look no further than H3E for your cyber security and e-discovery needs.


live response
live response

Acquire volatile data (Internet history, screen capture, memory…) from a system onto a USB thumb drive with Live Response. Built on H3E technology, Live Response quickly acquires data using e-fense patent-pending technology.



Helix3 Pro is the newest edition to the Helix3 line of products.  We have developed a simple to use interface with a live and bootable side to meet your investigation needs.  Helix3 Pro is available to e-fense forum members only. Purchase a yearly subscription and gain access to the many benefits available to our members.



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