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Helix3 Enterprise

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Product Code: HELN3
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Helix3 Enterprise is an easy to use cyber security solution integrated into your network giving you visibility across your entire infrastructure revealing malicious activities such as Internet abuse, data sharing and harassment.  H3E also allows you to isolate and respond to incidents or threats quickly and without user detection through a central administration tool. 

Helix3 Enterprise allows you to quickly Detect, Identify, Analyze, Preserve and Report giving you the evidence to reveal the truth and protect your business.

Helix3 Enterprise Features:

Easy to Use
Helix3 Enterprise is controlled through an easy to use graphical interface that works with any operating system.  It is so easy it requires minimal to no training.

Quick Implementation
Installation is done quickly and can be pushed out through your network using your existing installation tools.  Helix3 Enterprise will be running within the day!

Review Employee Internet Usage
Review an employee's Internet usage history quickly, seeing what they searched for and what sites they visited. 

Capture Screen Shots and Key Logging
With a simple click you can conduct a screen capture or key logging on any system within your network.  You select the system you wish to monitor and choose Screen Capture from the menu to obtain what is on a system’s screen at any given time.  Turn Key Logging on or off the same way, simply select the system then select the key logging option from the menu. 

e-Discovery Across the Entire Network
With Helix3 Enterprise you can search your entire network for files with three different methods:

  1. Date and Time Stamps
  2. Keywords in file names, file content and regular expressions
  3. Hash values - for a more computer forensics method

Increasing legislation, especially Sarbanes-Oxley is causing problems for companies when e-discovery demands are made upon them. Our solution simplifies the issues by allowing Information Security personnel to search for defined data criteria, and either copy the data to a central location or report on its presence.

Sophisticated Computer Forensic Capabilities
Helix3 Enterprise was developed by computer forensic experts and cyber crime investigators and built on the legendary Helix3.  Collect forensic images of systems including RAM across multiple platforms, running processes, environment variables and much more!

Reporting is an important part of any software application, your network security software is no different.  You can pull concise reports on audits conducted and run Ad-hoc reports based on many different criteria.


The price of Helix3 Enterprise is a minimum of $1,250.00 for the software and includes ten (10) licensed agents.  If you are interested in H3E and require additional agents, please contact for a detailed quote.


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