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Aperio™ is a Law Enforcement Only product to capture volatile data on Microsoft Windows systems. Volatile data is the data that will be lost once a computer is shut down, like passwords! Before pulling the plug on a computer run Aperio™ and capture the volatile data onto a 16GB USB2 flash drive before it disappears.  Aperio is very similar to our Live Response product however it has special features only available to Law Enforcement.



Highlights of Aperio:

  • Search the system for known hash values
  • Captures physical memory from all Windows systems
  • Captures clipboard content
  • Captures device list
  • Captures state of encrypted drives
  • Captures a list of installed applications
  • Captures open network ports
  • Captures running processes
  • Captures general system information
  • Captures user list and login information
  • And more...

In order to complete this order you must fax us your Law Enforcement contact information including a valid government email address and acknowledge you are purchasing a Law Enforcement only software tool.  Fax to: 202-429-3902

You will be invoiced for a Support Services Agreement renewal after the initial year. Support Service Agreement providing technical support and new product releases is 20% of the retail cost of Aperio. 

If you would like to cancel your support agreement, written notice must be sent to e-fense 30 days prior to your renewal date.

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