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e-fense Training

We believe cyber security is a critical part of business in today’s technology dependent economy. Experts at e-fense offer basic and advanced training sessions in incident response, computer forensics and Linux fundamentals, giving you the confidence and know-how you need.

(E100) Helix3 Pro Live Forensics - 1 Day Online

course syllabus

Helix3 Pro users have asked for a low cost option for our two day hands-on training course. e-fense is proud to announce this one day Internet training to meet that request!

For only $499 spend the day online learning Live Forensics & Incident Response using Helix3 Pro. Space is limited, so register early!

  • Gain a high-level understanding of the procedures and approach to volatile data collection.
  • Understand how to recover data with Helix3 Pro.
  • With real world scenarios understand best practices for incident response.
Breaks provided throughout the day. Starting at 8:00 AM MT (10:00 AM ET)

(E103) Live Forensics & Incident Response - 2 Day

course syllabus

This 2-day course is hands-on, giving students a chance to understand the procedures and approach to volatile data collection, data recovery & incident response using real world scenarios. The course will also focus on acquiring and analyzing live data from both Windows and UNIX using Helix3 Pro. Helix3 Pro is a bootable and live Linux forensics/incident response CD to assist the analyst in the collection, preservation, and analysis of evidentiary data. Helix3 Pro support forensic activity on computers running all versions of Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris systems. The course includes a one year membership to the e-fense forum. The CDROM has been copyrighted by e-fense.

If you cannot find a location near you or if you are interested in sponsoring a class at your facility fill out the Quick Contact Form and a Helix3 training representative will contact you shortly.

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